I’ve worked  in many industries, wearing many different hats, they include renewable energy technologies, U.S. defense, and research and development for a variety of high-tech programs at the University of Texas at Austin. The most fun niche is the Romance Author market!  See some examples of Marketing.

Special Projects

Besides the usual business cards, letterhead, and department brochures, I design scientific posters, technical illustrations, international medals, DVD, CD’s and commemorative coins.  I also design promotional items such as T-shirts, padfolios, pens, mugs, and key chains. My designs have appeared on book covers and the cover of journals such as IEEE Transactions on Magnetics.  See some examples of Special Projects.

Fine Art

I did my undergraduate art studies in Photocommunications at St. Edwards University and my Graduate work at UT.  A friend of mine showed me how to grout those 12” garden tiles in his  backyard 22 years ago and I was hooked on mosaics. I’ve learned a lot by trial and error and more than a few cuts from really sharp glass – but it‘s so worth it.  : )

I love line and color and have a fascination with all things Sci-fi.  I work as a graphic artist and web designer to support my tiny-bits-o-glass habit.  Please feel free to contact me. I do many commissions based on art I already have made – with tweaks to color or theme and I am happy to do so.  See some of my mosaics.

Web Development

I design, develop and maintain websites in html/css, WordPress.  Please feel free to look through a list of my recent sites.