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Want a Natal Chart?

einsteinYour Natal chart tells you important information about where the planets were at the time of your birth.  Each chart comes with a full color chart and 18-21 pages of interpretation.

Be sure to include AM or PM with your birth time. If you are born in the US – you don’t have to note that.

If you’d like me to print and mail it to you – just let me know. Otherwise I will send a pdf.

Birth – City, State, Country
Exact Birth Date and Time

If you’d like progressions done (horoscopes based on your natal chart) Add $25.00 per year you’d like to see.

List of shows

Much of my work can be seen at Austin Details Art Gallery, 8th and Congress, in downtown Austin, TX.  But my work has also been in shows all over Texas and the US Virgin Islands.

Shows listing   |   2009 – Present
18 Hands Gallery  A Texas Mosaic Exhibition Houston,  April 17- May 4, 2014  2 pieces
Thirsty Planet Brewing Company   April-June 2012   29 pieces
Austin Details Art Gallery   8th & Congress   2010
Grand Opening  1 piece

Best of the Fests   19 pieces
The Tiny Show   24 pieces
East Meets West   24 pieces
Cover Art and article for  Lake Country Life Magazine   February 3- March 1, 2011
Krugers Window   Congress Ave.    5 pieces
The Airport Show    ABIA     January 2011- April 2011     3 pieces
Hope for Japan    April 2011    1 piece
The DIG Pub    August 2011    21 pieces
Travis Heights Art Trail   2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Hays County Precinct Four    February 2010 – May 2010    3 pieces